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if you just amass the courage that is necessary, you can completely invent yourself. You can be your own hero... - Richard Hell

The old woman didn't say a word. Instead, she led me to the staircase where there were the ashy portraits I'd cleaned. Now my neighbor told me to try to guess which one she was. I studied the portraits carefully, but I had no idea which one she might be. They looked familiar, but one girl was too pretty, one was too sad, one was too silly to be my neighbor. Guess, my neighbor insisted. Go on. Which one do you think I am? Still, I could not tell. Look closely, she said, but even when I did I had no idea. At last I gave up. Who are you? I asked. Each and every one, my neighbor told me. She shook her head as thought I were a child rather than a girl about to turn sixteen Did you think nothing ever changed?
- Alice Hoffman, Green Angel

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avoiding nervous breakdowns, cicada rebirth, drama free underpants, guns-are-not-for-shooting-friends, invisible disability, nerdy vikings, ninja bitches, robots & violence, the neurologically atypical, two cakes please
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